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In 1994, Saverio was walking through the city center Anghiari where he was visiting friends.  They came across an attic filled with furnishings from an ‘alimentari’ or small grocery store. Saverio was able to reconstruct the glass fragments of the sign that read Bar Alimentari Vini. Even though the sign was broken Saverio saw the beauty and with his expertise, knew the sign came from the 1950's as the font is indicative of that time period when printing on glass was also very popular. He carefully transported the shards to his warehouse in Arezzo. In collaboration with the local signmaker, they recreated bar Alimentari vini on sheet metal to give the sign a new life. Twenty-five years later, this sign has become the inspiration and design for four other signs in spirit and style. 

In an abandoned attic, this vintage sign from the 1950's was found in Anghiari, Tuscany. We have ...

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